EP1: How To Make Money Online Easily – Bart Smith

By February 8, 2017Podcasts


SUBTITLE: Learn the basics of creating, hosting, designing, and monetizing
your new WordPress website with John James Santangelo and Bart Smith.


  1. Registering a domain name –  [5:00]
    Domain names; www.ReallyCheapNames.com

    Hosting: www.BlueHost.com
  2. Build your site or hire someone –  [5:49]
    Website Developer:  www.MyTrainingCenter.com
  3. Website Pages –
    Premium Landing Pages:  www.ThriveThemes.com
  4. Shopping carts –
  5. Marketing your website –
    Email Marketing: www.Aweber.com
  6. Social Media –
    Facebook,  Twitter,  Instagram, Snapchat,  Linkedin,
  7. Paid VS Free Traffic –
  8. Email marketing –
    Email marketing & Auto-Responders:  www.Aweber.com
  9. Monetizing website
    Amazon book:  More Podcast Money
  10. NLP success formula
    NLP Practitioner training courses:  www.LANLP.com

 NLP SUCCESS FORMULA (free NLP mini-course – www.LANLP.com )

OUTCOME – What do I want? Be very specific here.

ACTION – What do I have to do? What action will you take on a daily basis?

AWARENESS – Is what Im doing working? What results have you produced?

FLEXIBILITY – when it doesn’t work…  What can you do that you haven’t thought of yet?

Einstein; INSANITY is –

Tony Robbins says:  “In order to achieve something you’ve never did,
you’ve got to do something you’ve never done
AND become someone you’ve never been to achieve it!”

SOME OF BART’S BOOKS:  www.MyTrainingCenter.com

  • B.S. THE BOOK (how to break-through the B.S. in your life)
  • LAWS OF THE BEDROOM (a relationship book for men and the women)
  • RICH COACH BROKE COACH (coaching business)
  • 150+ COACHING MISTAKES (book for coaches)
  • MY CHECKLISTS (business/marketing checklists)
  • MOTIVATE YOURSELF TO SUCCEED (personal formula motivation) 
    MY NETWORKING TACTICS ( networking socially offline)
  • 51+ NETWORKING MISTAKES (another networking book)
  • FIND THE ONE FOR ME (dating/relationship book)

SOME OF BART’S WEBSITES:   www.MyTrainingCenter.com

  • MyTrainingCenter.com
  • ReallyCheapNames.com
  • RichCoachBrokeCoach.com
  • MotivateYourselfToSucceed.com
  • MyCoachingForms.com
  • MyChecklistBook.com
  • MyNetworkingTactics.com
  • NetworkingMistakes.com
  • BSTheBook.com


Aweber – Email / Auto-Responder / Marketing Software
Go Here – www.Aweber.com

BlueHost – Website Hosting and Services
Go Here – www.BlueHost.com

LegalZoom – Affordable Legal Prepared Forms
Go Here – www.LegalZoom.com

Simple Podcast Press – Hanni Mourra
WP Podcast Player To Grow Your Audience & Build Your List
Demo & Purchase Here  – www.SimplePodcastPress.com

School of Podcasting – Dave Jackson
Go Here – www.SchoolofPodcasting.com

On-Line Computer Video Tutorials
My Training Center, www.MyTrainingCenter.com

Life Coach Certification – Results In Coaching.com
Mandy Pratt & Mike Ryan – www.ResultsInCoaching.com

VideoMakerFX – Video Creation Software
Go Here – www.VideoMakerFX.com

Shopping Cart & Autoresponders
Go Here – www.1ShoppingCart.com

Internet Audio & Video for a $1. a day
Audio Acrobat, www.AudioAcrobat.com

Book, eBook, Kindle Publishing Services
Jim and Zetta Brown, www.JimAndZetta.com

NLP Practitioner Training Certification –  (7 day free NLP mini-course)

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